The Bloody Drunk Truck Drivers….. hahaha


The bloody drunk truck driver, he deserves this, he should get more miserable death. These illiterate fucker drivers are so irresponsible that they don’t even bother about their responsibility, will drink the local brands upto their neck and drive like hell. They are hand to mouth truckbut never forget to drink alcohol, bc, mc,…….. followed by more abusive words. I could not listen all those remarks as my eyes were closing slowly; I was not able to move my right hand which was under severe pain. I was losing my senses gradually while my Truck which I drove all the way from Lucknow to Delhi had met with a fatal accident and was laying into the road upside down near Sarita Vihar .

Yes, I could not manage to escape accident that day early in the morning at 3 O’ clock as suddenly an over speeding Audi driven by a young boy with a girl sitting on his front seat, came in front of me from the wrong side. I was afraid that they don’t get bruise as my truck was laden with heavy steel sheet, the couple could have come under it. I had no option but to get my truck on the divider but then I hit myself with the street light pole and fell down, my right arm was broken into two parts, my head crashed into the nearby stone and I lost my senses.

I swear I was not drunk my friend, after narrating my story I told the reporter of a local news channel while laying on the bed in the AIIMS Hospital after overcoming a week of coma. Doctor told me that had I been taken into hospital within two hours of accident my hand could be saved. But since that was not done, they had no option but to cut it. I was rushed to hospital only around 6 am in the morning when the traffic police came and found me laying on the divider.

I saw my better half’s swollen eyes, my 5 year old daughter standing in front of me, staring at me, as if she wanted to ask me when will I get up and play with her. My 3 year old son was playing with the ball I bought for him in the lap of his mom. I wanted to hug my family and console them but my only hand was not sufficient to hug all of them in one go nor it had so much of energy.

In fact it was not sufficient even to keep that smile on the face of my wife which was energizing me to drive the truck with sleepless nights when my owner would give me warning with abusive words to deliver the goods at a particular time, knowing the fact that I was running short of time. In fact my only hand was not sufficient to maintain that innocence on my daughter’s face which was providing me guts to stop the truck at 2 am at a lonely place and check whether all the goods are properly tied or not. Neither it was sufficient to fulfil my dream that my son will not be a driver and that dream was the driven force because of which even if I was sleeping after 30-35 hours of long journey I would awake on the slight sound of any stranger in the apprehension that whether someone is stealing some parts of the truck. My only hand was not sufficient to feed my family for the rest of my life as driving was my only skill, which I could obtain somehow from the meager income of my parents.

My father was not possessing Audi like that young couple, nor he was from those elite groups who had left me on the road when I crashed into street light pole. My father was a farmer in a small village near Lucknow and never taught me to comment adversely on the needy even if the person is a guilty. We always extended our hands even for enemies. He never taught me to drive a vehicle rashly even if the road is without any vehicle. We are from small town friend; we are still a human being and maintain humanity while we race for our life, perhaps these elite group has forgotten to maintain that humanity in the race of increasing their wealth.

The reporter has had done his job and started packing his stuffs. I watched the channel for few days in the anticipation that they will broadcast it on their channel but they didn’t………perhaps my story was not fit to increase their TRP.

I don’t want anything but my earlier life back. My friend I haven’t drank ever; I wish you could know it before judging me with your so called wisdom.

Thank You…..