Who Left Whom ….. Still Unanswered


imagesShe was annoyed that day when I didn’t pick up her calls. She had called me twice- thrice with the expectation that I will look back, walk to her seat and accompany her for a cup of tea out of our library and thus she will get rid of the boy sitting next to her. She was sitting behind me, I had noticed her entry into the library but since she chose to sit with other guy, I thought not to disturb her. Eventually after getting several calls unanswered, she walked to my chair, slapped lightly on my back and told in a low but tough voice “are you thinking you are over smart”. I came out of provisions of my Company Law book, raised my head, once looked back at her and then noticed all the students sitting around, staring at the pretty girl standing behind me. I turned back and was surprised to see her almost red face which was otherwise a little bit pink, her kajal applied eyes were looking bigger than normal. I was thinking, why she was making noise in this library where there was pin drop silence. I raised my eyebrow and with the movement of my hand asked her what happened. She again whispered in the same tone and scolded me “don’t do acting now, why are you not picking up my calls”. I was in surprise I tried to check the calls and searched my small black & white Huwai mobile phone which was missing. Then I realised that I forgot my mobile phone at my home. I made my face apologetic and whispered “I am sorry but I don’t have my phone with me today”. Initially she was reluctant to believe but then understood and almost ordered me to come out of the library. Enjoyment of which was witnessed by smiling face of my friends sitting around me. My friends noted the incidence in their mind for referring the same during tea at the Dhaba of Ganesh Bhaia, installed adjacent to the boundary wall of our library.

We were love birds, as per our friends. Even we were also loving each other. But then the same usual story, I was from small town with lots of ambitions and hope of medium class family, accomplishment of which was the top most priority of a good boy, like me. I had maximum next two years to be settled, as warned by my father. On the other hand, Somya was from metropolitan city, Delhi, study was not her first priority like most of other girls. Somya had to come to library from her home situated approx. 35 km far from the library. So she used to stop coming to the library 10-15 days prior to the start of our exams so that she could spend more time on her study.

As usual, on her last day in the library prior to exam too, I walked to accompany her up to the bus stand which was approx. 1 km away from our library. Today she had not talked much which was not akin to her nature. On the way she had held my hand and asked in a lower voice to sit on the bench kept for the purpose in the park which was on our way to the bus stand, we sat. With wet eyes she told that her parents have finalised her marriage and are in the process of finalising the date of her marriage after exam. So she may not be able to come and meet me again. I was shocked to hear and not able to say anything except to continuously looking at her wet eyes and face which was being bend deep and deep. That was the first day, we expressed our love to each other. Somya asked me if we can talk to our parents for our marriage. I was not able to decide and requested her to give some time to respond. That day we were on phone for almost whole day. Both of us were agreed to talk to our parents.

My mind was bursting with her thoughts for next couple of days. My exam was almost on my head with hardly ten days left. Despite telling her that I will talk to my parents, I could not make up my mind for that. Therefore I had switched off my phone; I did not talk much to anyone for next couple of days. And finally I decided to live with my ambition, discharge the obligation of my family and concentrate on my forthcoming exam. It was me who called her that we cannot marry for at least next two years which I will need to get settled.

Today it’s been seven years now, with the grace of god and blessing of parents I am settled, doing well, making handsome money to live in a metropolitan city. I go to my office, come to home and then again prepare for next day office. Parents are being approached by some families for my marriage; they are overwhelmed by having different choices. Very soon it will be solemnised and then there will be a happy Indian family, I hope so.

After exam she had told me that she is not allowed to wait for next two years, her parents are forcing her to marriage now, either to the boy they have chosen or to the one she has. I could not gather my courage to say yes to her at that time. Today I can, but have no clue of her. She might be married and having a happy family, I don’t know. God bless her, nevertheless she left me.