From the diary of a 65 year old man…….

Leadership………….. I started while I was a child of 5 years of age, while playing with my cousins of similar age, it was me who got beaten by them and smiled. My Mom would scold both of us for that.Image But I would never complaint. Of course it was not intentional, but inherent. When I went to school, I would participate in every sport and had urged to be nominated as a monitor or captain or vice captain. Sometime succeeded; sometime not. But I would always be happy. However, I would not be satisfied by completing only homework and marking daily attendance.

When I grew up ……. attended college and did some professional course, I never deprived myself from having fun with friends or spending hours with some of my good friends.

Though securing good marks in exams, be it education or sports, was my ultimate aim.

I would drink, watch movie and lie to parents to do something which I wanted to.

I opted to have arranged marriage, as it was the only worthy gift I could give to my parents.

And of course …….I lied to my wife sometime for spending time with my male friends to have some pegs and to spend night at their home. I lied for spending time with my old lady friends as well.

I cared my children the best way, what I could. But yes, I lied to them and told sometime that I don’t have money to fund their trip with friends, even if I had.

Now I am of 65 year of age, my parents are no more on this earth perhaps lost somewhere in the stars. My wife has grown older with me, children are now settled.

I own a house in the capital and have a sedan car and have memberships of some of the clubs.

Today it doesn’t matter to me that what my friends have and what they achieved throughout their lives. But what matters what I achieved, what I got, what I have and please ……….. I am not selfish though it sounds so.

My friends who were bookish kind or better in sports, now have various accolades in their bags. Have earning in double or triple than mine. But they don’t have a happy family, their children have left them in isolation because my friends never acknowledged the pleasure one can get when he gets beaten by their cousins, the effort it takes to smile after that. It’s not like that one cannot take revenge, but the recognition of the value of that relationship is more important.

My friends who were able to know the value of relationship, but could not understand that “first it is I, then we”, are connected with every relatives, but after death of their parents, their own cousins started ignoring them because my those friends don’t have a handsome earning source.

My friends who wanted to have fun only and not concentrated on study, sports or relationship they got nothing except fun up to the age of 30 or till their parents could facilitate them, their lives are almost over, neither their wives, children nor near and dear is with them.

The conclusion is, the question should not be that how good are you in study, sports or understanding the value of relationship or how do you enjoy your life. The question should be that how well you can handle all of them together so that you can have their finest combination. In order to have that, your personality should be dynamic, you should be self-motivated, you should spend time for study, sports, relationship, drink, friends……. and you can also lie sometimes. The only thing we should keep in mind ….. don’t lie to yourself, set your own parameters …stick to that be tough and don’t compromise, don’t do anything in your life for which your ethics don’t allow, don’t hurt anyone for the sake of your happiness. In the long run, achievement, satisfaction, your recognition will automatically arrive at your doorstep; you will not even realize when you life has turned around.

Today, neither those who have only accolades in their bags are happy nor those who have golden biscuits are happy nor those who have relatives but no money are happy and nor those who wanted to have fun in whole life are happy……… Happy would be those who have a combination of all of them and for that you will have to have patience, recognition of value of relationship, determination for study, sports; you will have to lie, you have to have time for fun. The satisfaction of a meaningful life ……………..or only golden biscuits, only accolades, only fun or only relationship……… choice is yours.

Thank You………


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