“Come on! That’s such a Middle Class etiquette” BTW what’s your class of etiquette dear…..


“Come on! That’s such a Middle Class etiquette”

New buzzword I encountered recently and could not resist myself to share its impact on me.

Until I adjusted myself in metropolitan city, for me, the word ‘class’ was used only either in schools or for berths in the train, but here in Delhi I came to know that it is also used to separate economically weaker sections from those relatively strong group.

Then recently one of my friends commented on someone’s etiquette and told that “Come on! That’s such a middle class behaviour”. I was mesmerized knowing that it’s not only our economic condition which can separate me and my friends into High, Middle and Low class. Some times it’s our attitude, our mental status, our way of reaction on a particular situation and many more. All these can redefine our class despite our economic conditions; therefore we should take care of our attitude, mentality, etc.

From economic and education point of view, none of us wish to be part of lower or middle class and therefore we continuously endeavour to earn as much money as we can and gather as many degrees as we are able to. So that we can enter into and be called as high class people.

But do we make effort to upgrade or even notice our class of etiquette as well. Perhaps most of us don’t. Before taking step to upgrade it, we must know that how it divides us knowingly or unknowingly into High, Middle and Low class.

Following are some of the instances, which almost all of us face every day and we restrict ourselves into different classes of etiquette:

1. You are a student staying away from your parents. Your parents send you their hard-earned money

You make optimum utilization of money on your study with occasional get together with your friends – Your class is high

Normally you spend money wisely but sometime you forget your limitation and overspend on your wine, girl friend, boy friend, make up, movie, etc. – Your class is middle

You don’t bother about money at all. You forget the struggle of your parents once you get money from them. They send money for your study and you spend most of those money on wine, girl friend, boy friend, make up, movie, etc. – Your class is low

2. You saw a girl wearing modern outfit on the street,

you saw her and moved ahead – your class is high,

you saw her and staring continuously – you are a middle class man

you saw her, you stare her continuously and now passing the lewd remarks – Your class is nothing but lower dude

3. You are driving a car on wet road

You drive within prescribed limit and takes care that others don’t get hurt- Your class is high

You drive without watching your speed and your car fling mud over the person walking on the street but you don’t notice- your class is middle

You are driving rash and knowingly you fling mud onto the person walking on the street- You are of a lower class.

4. You are driving a motorbike

You have all the documents required to drive the motorbike with the helmet- Your class is high

You generally have all the documents and wear the helmet, but sometimes if you miss any of them and traffic police catch you, you pay the Challan amount and feel sorry – Your class is middle

You know you don’t have the required documents/ helmet even then you drive motor bike and when traffic police catch you, you start arguing rather threatening him with the name of politicians or other big guns- Your class is lower man

5. You are sitting in public transport, a physically week person (be it a female,senior citizen or differently abled) is standing in front of you

You saw him/her and offer your seat – Your class is high

You saw and ignore him/her at once but when S/he request you to leave your seat, you do that – You reserved your seat in middle class

You saw and ignore him/her and despite being asked to leave seat, you not only refused rather you start arguing – My dear friend your class is lower only

6. Your academic background is strong; you reached to a top managerial position in your young age say 30. You respect your seniors, besides

you have good PR with staffs of other department and you respect the emotions of all of your junior staffs  – Your class is high

you don’t bother to maintain PR outside your department and you also don’t bother to respect your junior staffs – Your class is middle

you don’t bother to maintain friendly atmosphere even within your department, you behave rudely even to those juniors who are older than you – Your class is nothing but a lower one.

7. You are a salaried employee with a handsome salary.

You spend your monthly income prudently – Your class is high

You take all necessary step but at the end of the month your are left with almost zero bank balance- hahaha …You are a middle class man as most of us.

You utilize all your salary by the end of every month and live a luxurious life on borrowed money- Your class is lower.

8. You are planning to go to a night club with your friends:

You reach the night club on time, enthuse, dance and enjoy every moment even more than those who are drunk- Your class is high

The normal timing of night club is 9.30 while you reach there at 6 o’ clock with desperation to enter into – Ah! That’s such a middle class attitude dude!!

You enter into the night club, after a couple of minutes you become over drunk and start being rude to the staffs and other visitors- nothing but a lower class you possess.

9. You are a son of old age parents.

Being a son of old age parents, you spend time with them and discharge all your responsibilities towards them effectively- Your class is high

You don’t bother to spend time with your orthodox parents, however you take care of their needs- Your class is middle

You often get irritated and quarrel with them because your way of thinking does not match with them. Also you don’t mind to be violent with them– Your class is low

10. And the most common…..

You fall in love with a pretty girl; you know she doesn’t like you,

You make your best effort to attract her without hurting her sentiments- Your class is high

You do not bother if she doesn’t like your association at all, but you continue texting, calling, meeting her – Your class is middle

You start following her, behave rudely to her publicly, threaten her or blackmail her- Your class is low my dear friend.

These are only some of the examples, there are tons of other instances in our daily life which we face and which show others our class, knowingly or unknowingly.

No one is perfect; therefore there may be chances that in every situation we may not behave like a high class. But we must introspect and take care of it.

None of the above mentioned situations need money or educational qualification to upgrade our class it’s only our attitude, our mental status and our way of reaction on a particular situation.

Mere possessing luxurious vehicle, securing a life style of a millionaire or having higher education from foreign university will not reserve our place in high class while mere possession of good sense of etiquette may upgrade our class to a high class person and atleast a section of people will have respect for us and that would be our real achievement. Therefore it is totally upto us that which criteria of measurement we wish to give priority to and which class we want to stand in. I chose and started implementing, hope you will also do…….Thank You.


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