Let’s become children Again


Just see a two years old child playing in front of you, he doesn’t know how to walk, what to talk and how to react but still he is happy ….more than you. 

You gained so much of knowledge, became professional, now you represent an organisation, but you don’t knowimages to be happy not because you became mature, not because you cannot be once again a child but because your knowledge, your experience, your perception, your apprehension have bounded your mindset, your style of walking, talking and reacting. You are not able to think beyond that.

Why you cannot be a person of having expert knowledge in your domain and at the same time learner like that two years old child. Why you think that you are an expert ….let others say your work is perfect.

Why we are so self obsessed that we start judging others on the basis of our own set of perception.

 A neurosurgeon can be expert of nervous system, an architect can be master of construction, a pilot can be expert in flying an aircraft. But are they expert in face reading, no. Then why all of them besides being expert of their domain think that they are expert in judging others. And this is the case with all of us …..from rich to poor, educated to uneducated, all.

The person in front of you may be introvert, extrovert, simple, showy, anything. Why we start judging them without knowing much about them. Do we think that we are expert of psychology? Oh! all of us are expert in this … as we all think.

And our expertise, does not stop here. We start taking decision on the basis of our so-called expertise, we start talking less/ more with them, ignoring, loving and commenting on the basis of our expertise, opinion and perception. We all are in hurry.

Why so? Because we have become mature, we are no more a child. All of us have become a judge specialized in psychology.

Human being should be controlled and driven by love, kindness, sentiment and not by lust, self-centredness and deception.

Can’t we go back, be a two years child again and stop judging others. Let’s fall for a while but not respond adversely. Let’s love all including our enemy. Let’s have a fair game, no cheating. Be positive. We will not think even a single negative word even if it looks like we are fools.

There are chances that people will laugh at us. But at the end of the day if someone has done any wrong with us, will realise it and start thinking in our way. Our fall, foolishness will give birth to a new child and his way of thinking may give birth to another child and the same may go on for infinite period. One day we may be surrounded by majority of children and those who are still mature, expert, experienced will feel cornered and come with us. We, the young generation of 21st century, can do this miracle, we may become children once again.


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